Ah, Sunday.

It's actually been a pretty good week end with all the necessary included. Booze, friends, jokes, drama, hugs and more. GOOD.

Tonight I have been re-introduced to Last.fm. I had registered in 2008 but never really got into it. During the past hour I have been playing around with it a little and it's actually pretty sweet. Loads of cool little things that make the website worthwhile.

Tomorrow will be a good day. I am going to the skin clinic to try and hunt that bitch of allergy down. I'll kill it and make it regret what it did to me. Let's do this.
They'll install patches all across my back and we will remove them on Wednesday to see what can be the cause of all this. It's like seeing someone you've met on internet after months of chatting, or finally going to see a very well rated film: exciting!

Other than that, there'll be some uni work and some JAC work involved this week. Quite a lot actually. But it's OK. I'm going to see Band of Horses (BOH!) on Thursday. My week will be complete. Just in time before the weekend's fun starts again. YES!

Today does't feel like Sunday. It's a very good thing.

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