Jesus, even Mac is retarded now. I give up.

Ok. I just wrote this previous thing and then posted it, but I've just realised that I wasn't finished. Not finished at all.

I'm currently in the process of writing the learning plan for my placement. I basically need to take an approach on what and how I want to learn during my 6 months placement. That is fine. They had to give us something to write about. But the way it's done, seriously?

I'm trying to know what I need to do for tomorrow, but one paper says one thing and the other one says a different one. That's because the two "teachers" that we have are so bloody disorganised they can't even agree on something for 9 months straight.

I'm therefore getting annoyed on my own. Shouting. A little. And also probably my flatmate next door must think I'm a freak. As in... it just got even more confirmed.

Oh and the laptop would not cooperate. Why can I not type something on Word and listen to Spotify at the same time without taking 2 minutes for every letter to appear? I don't know. That's probably part of the endless thing which don't make sense in life.

Breeeaaathe Camille.

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  1. i absolutely adore that picture of you!! :D xxxx