It's Monday the 14th today and although Christmas is not behind yet, I'm already excited about going to the Orkney's and Shetlands Islands with the girls in January! It's gonna be just awesome!

Cookies in the car, me singing like I'm on stage performing, Marte complaining, Marte laughing, conversations that last longer than they should, Tom Tom, more cookies, one or two failed attempts to crash ourselves and "oh joy": the boat! We haven't experienced that yet but I am positive it's going to be eventful.

I'm expecting snow storms, giant puddles, wet clothes, wet dog smell- there will be no dog around by the way, warm hostel (hopefully), crappy shower, soup!, laughs, other too long conversations, wine, local pubs. Lost ones. With only old men. And big long walks with the cold iced wind trying to defeat us and at the end magic landscapes.

Honestly, what is there not to look forward to?

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